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Logo Design

A logo is so much more than something at the top of every web page. It is an iconic representation of your business. Something customers immediately recognize and associate with your products or services.

Effective logos need not be complex, in fact the simpiler the better. Think of a few businesses with simple logos that we all recognize. One great example is the classic blue and silver General Motors logo. 

At Upland Graphics, we work with you and design your logo from the ground up. We start with a concept, pencil and paper. We use the most recent Adobe design software to produce a high quality end product. Through drafts and fine tuning we create the perfect logo to represent your business for years to come.

Once completed you will get your logo in several electronic formats for you to use anywhere and everywhere you want.

Here's just a small sample of logo's and graphics we've created. More can be found in our Portfolio.

In addition to Logos, we also create all web graphics found on our customers sites. Headers, banner ads, flash components, navigation buttons, and so much more.